Excuse me ma’am… um… sir?

Sometimes I’ve been asked “what are you”? I’m guessing whoever said this meant something along the lines of “Excuse me; I’d like to know which pronouns you prefer, since I wouldn’t want to misgender or offend you in any way”. I try to avoid responding in a rude or unpleasant way, since it will probably be me who will be taking the blame for getting angry, clearly without a reason, but sometimes I can’t help but thinking “you wouldn’t understand anyway”. And the truth is I doubt anyone can understand my gender and sexuality, since it’s already hard enough for me to grasp its sudden changes. But I don’t mind if nobody understands me. I only want people to understand that they can’t understand me, and accept me anyway, and respect my preferences, and give me a ‘he’ or a ‘she’ or a ‘they’ whenever I warn them about my current gender. Also, there is much more to me as a person than my queerness. Did you know I have started to draw on the computer, instead of on paper? I’m hoping to win a scholarship thanks to the big project I got a 100/100 on – it’s in the finalists already. I’m trying not to bite my nails so much. I have subscribed to a French magazine so I can practise the language, plus read a whole lot of cool stuff about animation. And I’m going to get my driver’s licence soon.

But if you still really want to know what in the world I am, well then I’ll tell you I’m a heteroqueer masculine gynoromantic genderqueer demidominant lesbian trigender grey-A demisexual polyamorous-positive stone-butch transgender. And right now I go by he-him-his.

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