So who are you anyway?

I grew up as a happy child in a (big) house in a corner of the world, but I was soon ripped away from my freedom and was placed in a Catalan school, countries away from my previous home. My younger sibling was too small to notice this change and my older sister quickly adapted to her new life. However, I became rather unsocial and dedicated my free time to scribbling on a piece of paper and claiming I was going to be an artist. By age ten I already spoke English, Spanish and Catalan and became obsessed with manga. My master drawing skills were directed towards drawing long-legged big-headed figures on all my homework papers. This didn’t last long, since my innocence was also taken away from me when I started high school and became the main target of laughs, insults and other kinds of humiliation. I became too shy to show my pictures to people, so they were quietly hidden away in my cupboard. My parents tried hard to upgrade my self-confidence, and signed me up for drawing classes and painting classes. I went through many stages and fazes, but it was only when my personal bullies eventually left the school that I could make use of the effort I had put into my self-defence and start caring about myself. My interest in Japan grew greatly and I took up manga and Japanese classes. I also started teaching English to a little kid and learnt to cook.

At high school I was great enough to attract the attention of a new group of bullies, but by that time my ego was so big that it could difficultly be popped with a few swearwords and rude fingers being pointed at me. I became aware of my queerness. I started to like cosplay. I won a writing contest and appeared in the school magazine more than once. I fell in love with a non-existent girl. I lost some friends. I made double the amount of new ones. I decided to start a blog. And here I am today. I’m probably avoiding studying for an exam to share with you some silly little picture or observation from my day-to-day life.

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