Pride 2014

Smoke, noise and sex. These are the three words I would use to define this year’s Barcelona Pride Parade. Hugely disappointing, really. I had intended to buy a flag or something to wave around once I got there, but half the stands sold food, a quarter were closed and the rest were not LGBT related or very expensive (I’m not buying a 30 cm flag for fifteen euros!). Nobody was waving around anything, it all seemed very dead.
Silly me for thinking asexuality would have any sort of representation. Actually, nothing had much representation, it was very homocentric – male homocentric that is. Not a word about any other sexuality and, other than drag, it seemed like nothing about gender was even mentioned.
It seems like Conchita Wurst made bearded ladies popular, since there were many (both drag and women) with beards. I was hoping to hear Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, but there was nothing. There were a group of kids on a balcony who kept on clapping and shouting every time someone curious went by, which was cute. They had no idea what was going on. Also, somebody nearly died. A girl fell of one of the trucks and lucky the driver stopped before running her over; her head was just in front of the tire.

Things I liked:
– They gave me a sticker. Five stickers actually. They were throwing them from one of the trucks and nobody seemed to care about them, so I just kept them myself.
– I got to see a drag queen for the first time, including the winner of the drag race!!!
– Two otakus screamed at my lovely tee-shirt. They both had nice hairstyles that I will one day have.
– I saw a pink limousine.

Things I didn’t like:
– People thought I was a boy (yay!) so naked males kept on hitting on me.
– The before party had a lot to ask for. A drag queen was dancing and doing playback to songs that my grandparents might have heard of, while everyone else stared and did nothing at all. For two hours.
– They gave me a condom, which is really ok since they were giving everyone condoms. But what about dental dams, gloves or anything the lesbians might need to have safe sex? Again, very male homocentric.
– It was so very hot, I nearly fainted twice. Lucky I brought sun cream, an umbrella, found some shade and a little girl gave me a hat.
– A group of homophobic teenagers thought it would be appropriate to attack one of the bathroom stools at a Pride Parade, but they were soon shooed off. The poor old lady inside had a fright though.

Hopefully next year I can go with Pear and it will be much more fun. Maybe it was just rubbish because I was alone and it was my first time.

4 thoughts on “Pride 2014

  1. Now, this is really interesting because I’m planning on writing about my experiences in London and it’s pretty much what you’ve written above. There was zip, zero, zilch representation unless you were a white gay male. The LBTQA part of the spectrum may as well not exist. Animals got more rep as there was a table for the RSPCA and the Cats Protection.

    I just think it’s a wasted opportunity. It’s not just awareness for outside the community (“we’re here we’re queer” etc) but there’s great potential for building awareness within the community and also for giving the BTQAs a chance to meet others who are the same. Having that sense of safety within our queer community is important.

    Thanks for your entry – I’m glad it wasn’t just me and it wasn’t just London.

    • Oh, thanks for commenting; I thought it was just Barcelona or me being too negative. I was thinking maybe making my own flag for next year or bring along some asexuality pamphlets to give out. I’ll also organize the trans group and have them all come together.

  2. When I went to Dublin Pride a few years back a friend of mine was the only one putting in any effort to include pansexuals and I didn’t see anything at all in support of asexuals which is disappointing since Dublin Pride is the biggest LGBT Pride festival in Ireland. Even as a lesbian myself I felt like there was very little of interest to lesbians there that year too.

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