Walk your talk

I haven’t visited the internet for two weeks –unless it was homework related-. I finally started University on the 15th of September, and can successfully now call myself a college student. I was hoping to go to a big campus like my sister does, but I had to go for a private design school since it was one of the few places that offered the course I was interested in. Anyhow, I got in without breaking a sweat: I got a mark of 9/10 on my entrance exams when the standard mark was only a five (which kind of makes me worry about the level of the school).

The first week I hardly had any classes. The first day we got a guided tour around the area, which was completely useless considering I’ve had a guided tour three times, and then an inaugural speech. I didn’t realise it was only an inspirational speech until halfway through, which had me panicking the first forty minutes when I could see that I didn’t understand the main topic of the act. Great way to start off. The next four days of the week we met our teachers and classmates. I’ve somehow become the voice of reason of my class since I always knew where we were supposed to be and was the only one who managed to ask questions and speak up publicly. I think at least ten people have come up to me already and asked what the teacher’s name is / what homework we have to do / what materials we have to bring to class.

I have a tendency to talk more than usual when I’m new somewhere. I adopt a calm and collected air that has me become the gateway between other people. When everyone is sitting silent and nervously in a room I’ll always manage to talk until everyone becomes comfortable with each other. The problem is that once my task is over, I disappear into thin air and take a seat in the back rows (metaphorically speaking, I love being in first row of the class). Making the most of my momentary attitude, I decided that it would be a good time to find some friends and get to know people.

Unfortunately, my confidence boost doesn’t offer any social ease, so I am currently having what I refer to as a “social breakdown”. I made sure I got the house all to myself this weekend and won’t be talking to or seeing anyone in two days and a half. Just enough time to recover and start off fresh on Monday.

However, what did come alongside my change of attitude were my new year’s goals. I make these when school starts, instead of when it is actually New Year, since I’m most likely to make them last longer. I actually don’t really make a big fuss over Christmas or New Years Eve. Last year I nearly even forgot it was Christmas day. So the whole idea of starting over on the first day of January doesn’t really make sense to me.

This year I’ve aimed for things that I really really want to maintain, even if they are hard. Here’s my list:

  • Study more. I got through high school without hardly having to open a book; it wasn’t difficult but of course this means that my marks could have been higher if I had tried. College isn’t high school. It’s expensive and it’s the start of my future, the foundations of the rest of my life. If I want to be successful and have a job I like and a house I can call home, I need to get rid of my laziness once and for all. Images of Hermione Granger and Alex from Modern Family keep appearing in my head. They’ll be my role models this year.
  • Become vegan. After finding out that P was vegan, I became sort of uncomfortable eating sushi with salmon in front of them. After some time this feeling turned into guilt and I became extremely sensitive to animal’s rights. I feel like a horrible person every time I eat meat or wear my gorgeous leather boots, but I decided it was time to become vegan when I fainted in the butchers’ after seeing all of the meat. I’ll write a post about this one day, so I don’t want to say too much now.
  • Stop spending so much time on the internet. Enough said.
  • Be creative. I have been very creative this summer. For a couple of years I’ve been wanting to make a big sandcastle, build an amazing Lego house, play with play doe, etc. ; all which I have done in the past month. I love creating things and want to be able to make time for more things like these. Hopefully I’ll be able to relate them somehow with my studies? Who knows, maybe I’ll have to do a project that requires the skill of someone who has made the Eiffel Tower out of wax.
  • Finish the Senbazuru. I write this down on my list every year, and still having completed it. It only means I have to make a thousand origami cranes, I should really get on with it.

And that’s about it. If I add more it will turn out to be more like a bucket list than goals, so I’ve ended it here. I probably won’t be around so much anymore, but I’ll try to keep the schedule of one post a week. Oh, and it’s my turn to host the Carnival of Aces next month, so I’ll write something about that on October the first. See you until then!


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