Here you can find a list of all the posts I’ve made so far. I usually write about myself and my experiences, though you can occasionally find other topics.

In my first post, Bathroom journey, I explain the first time I used the boys’ toilets at school, while in Amazing what a key can do I narrate my giving-up on the school bathrooms and asking the teachers for a key to their toilets. Queer community in real life also tells you a bit about my experiences, as does Non-binary visibility and Pride alongside fear of judgement.

In Excuse me, ma’am… um… sir? and So who are you anyway you can get to know how I identify a bit better. Another post is Thoughts from the balcony, where I talk about coming out. I also address transphobia in posts like Transphobia in the trans* community or So we go back down to “not trans enough”, but I also address other types of discrimination in Spanish privilege and Thank you, beautiful.

Asexuality, video games and the future , Sex is the biggest nothing of all time and Ace obstacles are the posts I have done to participate in the Carnival of aces so far, but I have also written other things about asexuality such as What I mean when I say I like girls.

Posts that really have nothing to do with queer topics are Liebster Award and 30 followers.

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