You probably know what this is about from reading the title of the post, but I’ll spell it out to you anyway: I have reached 30 followers! I never thought so many people would read my blog and my little ramblings, so thank you to all my followers and readers. You really do encourage me to continue staying positive about these issues and help me get the negative thoughts out of my head. And also a special thanks to all of those who comment and like my posts, you know I love it when you do that.

(I hope there are many more followers to come!)

Also a short notice to announce that I will no longer be using the asterisk after trans*. Many people have complained about the asterisk, saying that it’s disrespectful. I actually started using it precisely because I had heard the opposite; that it was supposed to be inclusive of any kind of transsexual, non-binary, transvestite or transgender person, as well as many others. Most people around the spaces and networks I visit, who are usually very open-minded, also write it this way. But since there is so much controversy and some are getting offended by the asterisk, I think it is best if I stop using it as to not hurt anyone.


Here, I posted a cake for celebrating. I’m not really a cake person myself, so I’ll just take the M&Ms.