The Song Project

My sister asked me the other day what I feel when I listen to music. She was referring to the amount of allosexuality represented in pretty much every song and themes that I as an asexual can’t really identify with. The best answer I could come up with was “Pse, nothing. What is there to identify with?” so I apologize to her for such an un-thoughtful and vague answer to a question she had probably been thinking about for a while (she reads my blog sometimes, so I’m guessing she’ll read this?).

I do identify with some songs. I usually try to squeeze out the romanticism and sexuality of many so that I can relate to them, which is actually kind of interesting and fun, but sometimes very difficult. If not, many songs that are supposed to be romantic don’t really have to be about a partner; they can be about a friend, a family member or anyone you happen to be fond of.

Anyway, in honour to that question I came up with an idea. I clearly have feelings when I listen to music, whether I like or identify with the song or not. Moreover, I constantly criticise songs that appear on the radio. I don’t know whether this is good or bad, but I do it all the time; every single song that I hear or every video that I see, I feel an imperative need to say “Well, I think this could change” or “I don’t agree with this” or “I do/don’t like the message of this song”. So every now and then I’ll be publishing a post about a song that I have strong feelings about, whether they be positive or negative feelings. I hope you all enjoy it!

6 thoughts on “The Song Project

  1. Sounds like a great idea! 😉

    I strongly agree with your statement “many songs that are supposed to be romantic don’t really have to be about a partner; they can be about a friend, a family member or anyone you happen to be fond of”.

    Honestly, though, I think in some ways all the allosexuality and alloromanticsm in music can be a powerful tool for communicating to us what exactly everyone who is allosexual/alloromantic feels. Well maybe not “Exactly”, but I think music can convey feelings in a way that is special and more clear than sometimes other mediums. You know? You don’t have to relate to a song to feel the emotions they want you to feel. People cry or smile while reading books or watching movies all of the time, and these feelings of sadness or happiness are because of what is happening to characters, and empathizing with a character despite not necessarily having experience with whatever the topic is in the fictional work of media. Music can be similar.

    • You’re absolutely right! I hadn’t really thought about it that way… The way allo people think and feel comes across easily to me when I’m reading, so I can see how it would also come across in music, especially since it’s a format that is used to express people’s feelings much more energetically (most of the time).

  2. I listen to music a whole lot, but for whatever reason, rarely (if ever) register the lyrical content. I’m hearing the instruments and the tones of the singer’s voice and the rhythm and the beats. Although I’m aware songs are largely about love and sexuality, on some level, I’m totally clueless, and love or hate the song regardless to what it might be about!

    Look forward to your take on different songs in particular!

    • I don’t usually hear the lyrics either! I sometimes manage to grasp a few words here and there but otherwise I just have to look at the lyrics online as to know what the song is about. I’m not a very musical person after all, so I can’t really distinguish the tones or the instruments properly either. I just listen to it and like/not like how it sounds mostly.

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